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ALL Students - Weekly Calendars (from April 20th on)

April 20, 2020

What a weird time this has been. I’m sure that your experience has been just as unusual. Hopefully everyone was able to make the most of their spring break, even though it probably wasn’t like spring breaks past. I also hope that you and your families are doing well and everyone is healthy.

Up until spring break, all of the learning opportunities provided to you were optional; to help you retain the learning you had done and to maintain your progress thus far. I’d like to think that many of you were making use of at least some of the materials I had put together for you all.

However, starting tomorrow, April 20th, school is back “on” … at least in a virtual sense. Schooling will take place online using Microsoft Teams. I’ve created a quick, introductory video to get you familiarized with what the system looks like, how to view and access the weekly calendar, and the expectations are.

One very important, significant difference moving forward is that grades and grading are back in play again! Unlike previous weeks during the school closure, you can expect that there will new assignments that will be scored and will have an effect on your grade. For those who hadn’t been engaging with the materials previously, that must change.

You can expect more flexibility from me in terms of timelines and due dates. You can also look forward to far more streamlined and focused lessons. What I expect of you is as much engagement as you can provide. You should complete practice assignments, participate in Teams and ask questions, and do the graded/scored work. For all of us: patience. This is a new system of teaching for me, and a new system of learning for you, so it’ll take a bit of time to get comfortable with it.

I hope everyone gets a chance to take a look at the video linked above. Just below are links to each of your class’ calendars. They will be updated every Monday by 9am. While you will receive email and Remind notices, it’s your responsibility to check it and follow along with it.

AP Biology

AP Environmental Science


ALL Students - Weekly School Work During the Closure (valid until April 10th)

March 23, 2020

Starting the week of March 23rd, I will be posting new school work based on the expectations I recently sent out via email and Skyward. I want to make sure a couple things are perfectly clear.


One, none of the work I ask you to complete during the closure will have any effect on your grade. It is meant as practice, and for you to have the opportunity to assume responsibility for your own learning.

Second (and far more important than school grades): during these weeks of the closure ... this is not break time! Not winter break, mid-winter break, spring break, or even a three-day weekend. The purpose for the closure is to slow the spread of coronavirus ... not to avoid school work. It’s really important that we all do our part to help prevent the spread of the virus. I expect that you will all use the time you would have spent in class to work on the tasks in the documents below.


I really, really hope this is clear to students (and parents) that this is not time to avoid school. It IS time to avoid people, but still try to keep up with your school work. This is an uncertain and unprecedented time for everyone, and this is your opportunity to do your part as a member of society and to do your part as an individual of that society.

As always, email me if you have any questions. Even though we're not in school, I'm still here to support you

The links below will be updates every week, on Monday, by noon. I will also send out text messages every Monday morning to remind you to check the links for new work.

AP Biology School Closure Calendar

AP Environmental Science School Closure Calendar

Biology School Closure Calendar

ALL Students - School Closure Update

March 20, 2020

Hello everyone. I hope that this first week out of school has been okay for everyone. I realize that this is a very strange time with a lot of uncertainty around what's expected of students and teachers because of the COVID-19 outbreak. I also hope that everyone is doing their best to slow the spread of the disease by washing your hands often and properly, avoiding touching your face, and maintaining proper social distancing.

In the next day or so, you can expect information coming to you and your parents via email and through Skyward when you log in to it. That information will outline how the coming weeks are going to work with regard to learning science in your subject. I really appreciate everyone's patience and understanding in this unique circumstance.

Also, I've added a NEW, OPTIONAL feature to my website: forums. You are not required to participate in them, and they not part of your grade in the class. But, if you'd like to connect with your classmates to discuss your science class, or get questions answered, feel free to join! The forums page is on the far right of the menu bar. Before joining, you must read and understand the Online Forums CODE of CONDUCT. It's linked in this announcement, as well as on each of the forums page. I hope everyone finds it to be a useful replacement to in-person, class discussions.

AP Environmental Science - Acid Deposition Activity

March 05, 2020

Here is the Excel file that contains all of the submitted data. You will need to process and analyze the data appropriately to complete the Acid Deposition activity's lab write up.

          Acid Deposition Data

Students, please use the following link to submit your group's data for the Acid Deposition activity's seed germination results and observations. Once all data are collected, you'll be provided with all group's data for analysis and graphing, and for your lab activity write-up.

          Acid Deposition Activity - Seed Germination Data Submission Form

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In an effort to reduce paper use, streamline grading times, and provide more useful and constructive feedback to students, I utilize the online paper submission system turnitin.com.

Unless otherwise stated in advance, all graded assignments will need to be typed and submitted by the specified due date. Follow the turnitin link to sign up using the appropriate class ID # below. See me if you need assistance.


AP Biology


Enrollment Key




Class ID #




Letters of Recommendation

In order to request a letter of recommendation, you must complete and submit an application, available from me only during my office hours or Nest. Only ten (10) college/university recommendation applications are available from the first day of school until the last school day in September. Once all ten (10) applications have been claimed or September ends (whichever comes first), no more college/university letters will be approved. Please review the eligibility requirements below:

   1. You must have earned AT LEAST a "B" for BOTH semesters

   2. You must have NO missing assignments (lab, homework, etc.)

   3. You can't have more than ONE late assignment (lab, HW, etc.) per semester

   4. You can't have accumulated more than five absences in a semester

   5. You must have scored a 4 or 5 on the AP exam (AP classes only)

Applications for summer programs and/or will be available from the first day of second semester until the last school day in February. Only five (5) such applications will be available and the above eligibility requirements (where applicable) must also be met.

Any application for a letter MUST be submitted at least TWO WEEKS prior to the deadline. Recommendations can only be approved for institutions or programs that accept them electronically (online). Hard copy letters will not be granted.


If you'd like to receive occasional reminders and announcements directly to your cell phone, text the appropriate code below to number 81010.

Biology = @foleybio

AP biology = @foleyapbio

AP environmental science = @foleyapes

Your cell phone number will remain private and you can unsubscribe from the reminders at any time. The announcements are provided only as a courtesy, so the responsibility to complete work on time, be prepared for tests, etc. still rests with the student. Refer to your class calendar for a complete list of upcoming due dates and events.

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